With the flows out of Hebgen at 11oo CFS, the river has come into prime shape.  Throughout the day I have seen Grey Drakes, PMDs, Goldens, Salmons, Yellow Sallies and Caddis.  The river is thick with the Big Bugs from Ennis to Renolds Pass. This might be the biggest salmon fly hatch in the last 15 years……atleast in my time on the river.  The Float Section is flowing a perfect 1520 cfs.  Fish are eating nymphs and dries in the morning, but you will see a drop in action in the early afternoon, followed by an increase later in the day.  The Salmon Fly bite is hit and miss.  They will eat your fly IF it is placed where they want it. Sometimes that is 2 inches from the bank and sometimes that is out in the middle in no mans land.  The trout have seen a ton of flies and are starting to get picky.  Large dry flies are hard for them to get in their mouth and therefore they are harder to hook.  I have had better luck with #8 Goldens than the large Salmon Flies, but they will eat it at some point throughout the day.