Buckets of Rain

by | May 28, 2010 | 0 comments

11 o'clock stop.....

We left the house in the rain, saw a bit of sunshine around Quake Lake and then entered the downpour in the Madison Valley.  At first, the weather was warm and tolerable, but sometime around 1:30 the wind shifted out of the north and it got down right cold.   The Madison is still green and clearing daily.  With more snow in the forecast, this river should continue to fish extremely well.  Cabin and Beaver has some color but not enough to matter. 

Greg Falls has been on the Missouri and smacking them pretty good.  I am leaving on Sunday to join him for 6 days of guiding and a couple days of fishing.  The Chicken Boys from the South are coming out once again to join us up there for 5 days. 

Get out. Go fishing. Who cares if it's raining.