BSA’s Best Flying Ant Pattern from Yellowstone Country to Argentina – JoJo’s Royal Ant

by | Apr 28, 2020 | 0 comments

Back in 2004 I came up with this flying ant pattern while sitting at the vice in my house outside West Yellowstone. Back then, I lived on Denny Creek and my tying bench overlooked a meadow filled of three foot tall sage and high priced breeder bulls, and the southern end Gallatin Range in Yellowstone was the backdrop.  The vista alone was inspiring, and at times I found myself not tying flies at all, but staring out the picture window loosing myself to ideas I can’t remember.  Back then, I tied most of the flies in my boxes; tying in the morning before guide trips or in the evening to alter a fly from the day’s testing. This fly came out of those days living on Denny Creek.

  • Originator:  Joe Moore, BSA Co-owner
  • Hook: TMC 100 or equivalent, #12, 14, or 16
  • Thread: 8/0 Uni, Rusty dun
  • Tail: Widows Web, Black
  • Abdomen: Ice Dub, Red
  • Thorax: Ice Dub, Black
  • Wing: Widows Web, Light Tan
  • Legs: MFC Barred Sexi Floss, Golden Yellow
  • Foam: Razor Foam, Tan