by | Jan 27, 2022

For decades the warm salty air, brilliant turquoise waters, and thrilling fish of the saltwater flats environment have beckoned us during the cold winter months in Big Sky Country. Like Tarpon returning year after year, we migrate south to feel the warmth of the tropics and the abundance of the flats.

In many ways, hunting for fish on the flats is reminiscent of our favorite fishing at home. Stalking a tailing permit or bonefish requires the same stealth, strategy, and delicate presentation needed to fool a sophisticated rainbow on the Railroad Ranch, or an old cutthroat on the glassy water of Slough Cr. The accuracy and finesse essential to deliver a long cast to cruising gulpers on Hebgen Lake are very much in demand when a string of prehistoric tarpon slides into casting range.

These similarities help us relate to the salt, but it’s the stark contrasts that draw us in and keep us coming back, year after year. The ever-present wind. The explosive, reel-screaming strength of the fish. The skill required to impart life into a fly, entice the eat, and hook it by hand. The Strip Set. The warm, salty water.

Now that mid-winter has arrived in Big Sky Country, the draw of the Salt is as strong as ever. We’re busy planning for upcoming trips, and corresponding with friends and staff members that live and work in the tropics. We’re tying flies, and stocking up on our favorite gear.

We’re counting the days until Tarpon Season and our return to the Jardines de la Reina for a mothership trip off the southern coast of Cuba in April, and trips to visit our resident saltwater expert, Captain Nicholas Calabro in the Florida Keys.

Our staff has spent decades traveling and know the tips and tricks that are the difference between a good trip and a great one. Check out our Saltwater Collection for recommendations on the best flies and gear, and Contact Us with any questions if you’ve got an upcoming trip, or you’re starting to plan your next adventure.