Bring your rain jacket….

by | Aug 26, 2011 | 0 comments


Today was tough.   There were some good fish eating, but not nearly enough.  Ants, hoppers, wulff crips…..all worked.  Little trout were around too, but not the numbers we are used to seeing.  However, the day on a whole was pretty nice.  Fantastic clients, not too much wind, a few trout, one rain shower and we avoided the hail and lightning.  

Rain on the Hilgards.

Moody is a good word for it, inconsistent is another way to describe the fishing the past two days.  The weather patterns aren’t helping and if things would settle down, the trout would cooperate a bit more.   Afternoon rain showers are keeping the river cold…….something we need since the folks(PPL) at Hebgen Dam just won’t give us some more flow.  Here we are sitting at a plum full Hebgen (99% full) and they are running the river 200 cfs below the normal flows for this time of year.  After the largerst snow pack in recent history the river gets no love in late August on into September.  Lots of headshaking going around in SW Montana concerning the management of the Madison River’s flow.  Its almost like a bunch of squirrels hording nuts for the winter….or a bunch of monkey’s playing with levers…..PPL is in Butte…..what do they possibly know about trout managment on the Madison?

Sunrise over YNP.