Boulder falls on the road

by | Dec 29, 2011 | 0 comments

A YNP Ranger checks out the boulder.

Around 8 am this morning at Alpen Guides, the boss man rolled into the garage and told us all that a large boulder had fallen on the road in the middle of the night and that we were goning to be held up for a while.  Once the road was cleared, a YNP geologist came into inspect the slope.   From what we were told, a fly over is going to take place at some point to see if there are more rocks just waiting to fall.   This road hasn’t been blocked by rocks since 1959 – the year a  7.5 earthquake hit and shook rocks off of this very same mountain side.  I can’t tell you how many times myself  and many other snow coaches have parked right here talking about that event and what it would be like to see one of those massive boulders sitting in the road.  Tim Daley, an old school West Yellowstoner and YNP Guide, told me today that it took 2-3 days to clear the road after the 59′ Quake…..he was there afterall.   We were not allowed to stop as we drove through this section of road later in the day.  Kind of spooky, if you ask me.

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