Bombs Away

by | Jan 2, 2011 | 0 comments

Along the Madison in YNP.

This winter has been deep thus far.  Very deep.  West Yellowstone is sitting at 124% of normal snowpack on the first day of January, 2011.  “Haven’t seen a Winter like this in 30 years” is the common phrase around town.  Most drainages in the Madison Range are well over 120%.  As it has been with every snowstorm this winter, the cold follows…..today was frigid.  A high of 5 degrees and a low of 28 below.  Tomorrow should be a bit warmer.  There might be some fishing weather next week.  For now, bombing through the Park guiding clients is on the docket.  I have logged around 700 miles so far this season with trips to Hayden Valley and Old Faithful.  Are you coming to Big Sky this winter for a ski vacation?  Why not take a day off for a tour through the Park?  Or, if the warmer temps arrive, you should think about a half day of fishing on the Madison River.  Winter angling is a wonderful way to relax.  Everything seems quiter under a blanket of snow.  Bankers hours aren’t even the norm this time of the year – after a long day of powder skiing and knocking back a few cold ones, you could wake up, have coffee, breakfast and hit the river by 11.  Fish till 3 and call it a day. 


Two feet of fresh snow won't stop the Bomb.

 Stella arrived to our home on New Year’s Eve.  She was quite the hit at our house and the neighbors.  Stella is already coming to her name and enjoying the kennel.  Our adult dogs are taking to her too.  She seems to follow Huch around more so then Pony.  I think she senses that Huck is a bird dog….they look alot alike.  Drahthaars are known to dislike cats, so far Oscar the cat is holing his own against the new pup.  I cross my fingers everyday……….that she doesn’t hurt the kitty.

My wife loves this little bird dog!!