Bombing through YNP

by | Feb 19, 2010 | 0 comments


Wolf on a elk kill.  Madison River.

I haven’t fished for over a 2 weeks now.  Sad to say, but a mans got to work.  However, driving a bomb through YNP is not a bad way to spend the day.  There are trout rising on the Firehole River. I really wish I could sneak the tip end of fly rod, about 50 feet of line and a LW Midge in to YNP to catch just one fish on the Firehole. Who needs a reel? This morning, the sun is shining and I am headed to Brozeman for a grocery run.  Then back to work again for 6 days. There are only 9 more days of fishing below Quake Lake on the Madison River. 


Sunset on Craig Pass, YNP.