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Yes it is true…..the Madison below the Slide is blown out. Cabin and Beaver Creeks are cruising with mud.  The West Fork is pumping a ton of chocolate milk into the river.  The Gallatin, Gibbon, Firehole and Madison in YNP are high and muddy and in places seem like a gaint flowing lake.  We are in full run-off around these parts. You could probably catch a couple trout on SJWs, and big streamers if you kept at it all day long.  Hebgen is pretty well off color where the tribs flow in.  Going west on the lake one will find fishable water.  There are big midges out and trout are cruising…..looking….for something to eat.  A dry and dropper will catch fish.

 This morning, myself and fellow fishing guide Justin Spence went out to Rainbow Point and dumped a boat in Hebgen.  The lake is filling and will be full by the 4th of July. With Duck Creek flowing huge, we new it was going to be off color, but being such a nice morning, we just wanted to get out of the house.  With only a foot or so of visibility we decided to huck streamers on sink tips…….we got a couple of grabs, but nothing really want to bite in the mud. 


 Stay tuned…there are Salmonflies in Idaho on the Henry’s Fork and I am headed down there in the next couple of days to check it out.