Fishing For Memories

As members of the Big Sky Anglers community (a diverse, extremely clever, and good looking lot if there ever was one), our lives can all be described in terms of many different things, including fly fishing.  And since this is a fly fishing website, I don’t feel bad...

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Reach Spey Casts – Aerial Mending with 2 Handed Rods

Aerialized mending is a common technique used by proficient anglers casting single handed rods.  Reach casts, curve casts, tuck casts, puddle casts, and more all provide solutions to technical dry fly and nymphing presentation dilemmas.  In the end, the reason we use...

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Rods, Reels, and Lines for Euro Nymphing

Many of the most common questions that I am asked about Euro Nymphing here at Big Sky Anglers have to do with rods, reels, and lines.  In this post, I hope to explain my own preferences, and hopefully simplify the process of gearing up for those interested in getting...

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Hatch Profile – Damselflies

While most of the insect species that fly anglers find relevant exist in relative obscurity outside of our odd band of brothers and sisters, the damselfly is well known to nearly anyone who has spent time near water.  Their adult forms are fairly large, with...

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