Blizzards…..packing it in the Mountains

by | Nov 23, 2010 | 0 comments

This plow got stuck about an hour ago…..

West Yellowstone is in the midst of a full blown blizzard.  30 mph winds, dumping snow and freezing cold.  Winter has definitely arrived in style this year…….just in time for the Yellowstone Ski Festival here in West Yellowstone at the Rendezvous Ski Trails.  Not a skiier?  Well don’t move to West Yellowstone and think you will enjoy Winter.  It won’t happen.  From here on out, there will only be a few days of good fishing weather per month.  What is an angler to do you ask?  Well, we tie flies, drink to much, work, book fishing trips for next season, pray for 30 degree weather, bird hunt till Jan, and ski.  I dont ski the resorts anymore and choose to cruise around on 3Pins with the dogs.  Hwy 20 is closed and has been since yesterday around 5 pm.  There were reports that hwy 191 was closed yesterday, but I made the treacherous drive to and from Bozeman yesterday.  It was crazy dangerous and I wouldn’t have done it after dark.