Bitchcreek Green

by | May 24, 2010 | 0 comments

Skyline Ridge, full of snow.

The snow storm that rolled through Horse Butte yesterday morning headed northeast and revealed the sunshine.  I grabbed my waders and drove on down to the Madison.  With all the cold weather one might expect the feeder creeks to clear up.  They had and Quake Lake was green again.  The Madison is that lovely color of green which makes nymphing oh so good. 

Upstream of Reynold's Bridge

 A few anglers had may their out way on this Sunday afternoon.  It was a tough choice between Stanley Cups Playoffs and fishing the Madison River, but the finals will start soon enough, so I went fishing.  The Blackhawks won from what I hear.

Pay or be band......

The Angler

 I really enjoy the little things along the river that make this place what it is.  This valley, like them all, is full of rich history.  I remember when $3 Bridge was private land and when the old man would come down to see if you had given your donation.  That was not too long ago.  Thankfully, this river access was saved and we must help to keep places like $3 Bridge open to the public.

What a view.

The angling yesterday was pretty darn good. I fished a #6 olive/black rubber leg and a #16 tungstud.  At first it was a little tough, and then the BWOs emerged.  The hatch was not thick, but it triggered a feeding frenzy for about 2 hours.  This time of the year allows one to get very close to the fish.  High-stick nymphing is king and the trout really don’t stand a chance when the river is this color of green…..bitchcreek green that is.