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Montana Morning

I left the house at just after 5 am……..run by Dan’s place to get the dog food he left…..pick up Dad at 5:30…..meet Drew on the pass at 6……sunrise at 6:45……..saw our first birds run across the dirt road at 7ish.  Bird Hunting Season has arrived. 

Stella and my Dad.

Stella made her first point in 4 foot tall sage brush.  All I could see was her rear end, barely peeking out of the thicket, but she was staunch.  4 Sage Grouse flushed out and flew around towards my Dad.  He rarely misses on his first shot, but swung through and dropped the bird on his second.  Huck watched the bird hit the ground and found it within seconds.  His “hunt dead” is hard to match.   Using that dead bird, I had my Dad hold Stella and did a drag through the sage brush, dropping the bird but continuing on 10 more yards, just to try and confuse her.  She nosed around, found the drag and ran right to the bird.  All the work, thus far, with Force Fetch made me realize we still have much room to improve.  Stella would not let go of the bird and the intensity in her eyes gave me the shivers.    The taste of blood and feathers was too much for the new pup and letting go of the bird was not something she was found of. 

Huck & Stella


Tom, Stella, Joe & Huck


Fuzz Face