Birds Beware

by | Oct 31, 2011 | 0 comments

The Germans are more than ready.

Jonathon Heames and myself will roll out here in just a couple of hours.  Three dogs, two out of work fishing guides, five guns and a trailer to carry all of our shit gear.  Heames has missed the past 3 years of bird hunting trips to, well, I can’t quite tell ya the locale, but it’s in Montana.  Jonathon was the first person who took me east for phesants, sharptails and huns – a good friend he is.  We are camping, as we always do, which requires a pile of nessecities.  Already in Bird Camp are 4 other fishing guides, Mister Jones and Drew’s buddy from AZ.  They have been there for three days….dirtbags they are.  Lots of ducks around from they say…..”thousands”.

Heames and myself built a deck two nights ago in his garage, especially made for bird hunting…..5 boards, 24 screws and a sheet of partical board – all left over from when he built his house…..the bond between a man and his drill runs deep.  I drank beers while Jonathon pieced it together.  We are stacking guns and gear underneath to accomodate for 3 dog crates up top.  

Now if time will slow to slug’s pace.