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Dos Airstreams para los amigos

It’s been cold each night and morning, but we are hearty souls.   I have been tenting it and hanging in the Airstreams when not hunting.   Huck sleeps next to me and Stella is in the bag with me, adding some warmth to my 10 below down bag.  Needless to say, but I am warm.

Why I love it…..


Dead Roosters

 Stella is hunting like a champ, behind Huck, and is figuring out how things work in the field.  She made 4 sweet points yesterday morning and I knocked down a limit of roosters off her nose before noon.  I got the chills watching her hunt alone through this little swath of grass between the wheat stubble.  Trying to explain what is feels like to watch your pup point, hold and retieve a pheasant is unwritable…..just can’t get it out in words.  Huck is getting older and I don’t hunt him more than a one push a day.  He is still as reliable as they come, but slowing down at nine and half years young.  Stella had a breakout hunt yesterday and is surpassing my expectations for her first season afield. 

JJ Heames does his home work.