Big Water & Bent Rods

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float'n.....no wade fishing up on the Mo'.

Just arrived home from the Missouri River after a few days of guiding with Josh Stanish, owner of Biggee’s Bugs & Guides.  Biggee has been around Montana for nearly 20 years. Before that, it was Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and Oregon.  For seven years he owned and operated Montana Troutfitters in Bozeman. Sly and quite is his style, putting clients on trout is his M O.

18500 cfs and superb nymph fishing is what the Missouri has to offer…not bad.  Once you get used to the long leaders, it really isn’t a big deal.  These trout are by far some the most fit fish state wide.  Nationwide.  Worldwide.  Folks, I am not bullshitting you.  The Missouri will blow your mind.  The scenery, small fishing village atmosphere and large trout all combined on 35 miles of riffles, banks, island chains and canyon walls.  When she drops back down, dry fly angling wil be orgasmic. It makes me shiver.  We saw lots of PMDs and Caddis emerge up and down the the entire river.  Once the rain stops, the Missouri will drop.  Are you gonna be there?

We did see a few more fish crashing caddis yesterday afternoon, even a serious bank riser.  Did we cast to it?  No, there was lightning all around and we were pushing off.  Besides, it was rising underneath the overhanging willows. 


bent rods, sunny shine & smiles all around.

Driving along the Madison this afternoon was too tempting.  I pulled into the “Ramp formally know as Windy”  and fished.  Caught one on the third drift and left.  Next up was the Slide.  In sandals with a flyrod I walked upstream and hooked four more.  Nymphing of course. The Madison is super green and fishing well with big black buggers, stoneflies, worms and various nymphs.  It is not hard right now.  Get the drift and they will eat it.   Wading the river is not safe either.  Stay along the banks and fish the soft edges.  Trout like it there.
Quake is green again.  Beaver is clearing a bit and Cabin is still tossing in some mud.  The West Fork is not clear yet, but the float stretch is fishing well with nymphs. 
When we will see Salmonflies?????????  Hmmmmmmmm.  July 4th.  Guessing of course. Hoping, praying…..keep your fingers crossed.


Biggee....all smiles on the Missouri

Biggee and I would like to thank Chris, Jayson and Jay for a wonderful three days of fishing.  We look forward to fishing with you guys again on down the road.  What a pleasure to see young guys getting into fly fishing.  Refreshing.  Thanks for making it easy on us.