Big Sky Anglers Featured Fly – SR Spanish Bullet Quill Nymph

by | Aug 6, 2019 | 0 comments

Originator:  Fulling Mill

Hook: Barbless 60 degree jig hook.  Fulling Mill 5045, Firehole Sticks 516, or similar.  Size 12 – 22.  #14 shown

Weight: Slotted Tungsten bead (copper) to match hook.  3.5mm for Size 14 hook.

Thread: 6/0 or 8/0 brown.  8/0, amber, orange, or your own favorite for the collar hot spot.

Tail: Saddle hackle or Coq de Leon fibers.  Thin and sparse!

Abdomen: Stripped Peacock quill, or synthetic equivalent

Thorax: Brown thread

Wing Case: Pearl mylar tinsel.  S or M, sized to match the fly.

Body coating:  UV resin.

Notes:  This Perdigon style fly is designed to be very sparse and sink super fast to get it in to the strike zone while Euro Nymphing.  It is effective in Sizes 14-20, and is a good attractor as well as a mayfly nymph imitation that we’ve found to be deadly around our area.  Smaller sizes can be fished in shallow water using French Nymphing methods on long leaders.  This pattern is also used successfully under strike indicators in moving or still water, or as a dropper behind a foam bodied dry fly.