Big Sky Anglers Featured Fly – Miller’s Dirty Dumpster

by | Sep 24, 2018 | 0 comments

  • Originator:  Ivan Miller
  • Hook(s): TMC 5262 or equivalent, #4 (2 of them)
  • Thread: Danville Flymaster Plus Size A, black
  • Eyes: Medium Dumbell Eyes, Red, Lead or Non-lead
  • Articulation: 25 pound monofilament, and 2 to 3 plastic beads
  • Tail 1: Marabou, black barred olive; Saddle hackle tips, black; Flashabou, rainbow
  • Body 1: Lite-Brite, rainbow
  • Wing 1: Marabou, black barred olive
  • Tail, Body, and Wing 2:  Same as 1
  • Hackle Collar: Schlappen or webby saddle hackle, black

If you have spent time in West Yellowstone over the past 20 years, there is a chance you have either run into or at least heard of Ivan Miller.  Among other things, Miller is one of the fishiest streamer anglers that any of us have known.  He puts in the time, and also has a knack for fly design and presentation that just triggers the big grab from over sized brown trout.  This pattern is one of Ivan’s (and our entire shop staff’s) go-to streamers in both spring and fall.  It fishes best with an aggressive presentation that includes manipulation of the fly using both the rod and stripping the line.  Incorporating abrupt, but pronounced pauses brings out the extra wiggle from this articulated beast, and seems to also trigger the hardest strikes.  We are lucky to have these in our bins for visiting anglers, and we also stock all the tying materials for those interested in spinning up their own Dirty Dumpsters in this and other color combos!