• Originator:  Joe Moore, BSA Co-owner
  • Hook: TMC 100 or equivalent, #14, or 16
  • Thread:
  • Tail: Pheasant tail filbers and Z-yarn, Tan
  • Abdomen: Pheasant tail
  • Thorax: Ice Dub, Shrimp Pink
  • Wing: Widows Web, Light Tan
  • Hackle: Brown

Notes:  A few years ago, while guiding the Missouri River, I came up with this variation of the Quigley cripple. I found the fish on the Missouri to be a little picky that week on the PMDs.  Anytime one can toss a fly that’s different from everyone else, one will prevail!  This fly has fooled fish on every river in the Greater Yellowstone Region and is one of my go to flies for picky trout.   It’s a bit of a mix of the Last Chance Cripple and Lawson’s Cripple, but I like to use the Widows Web for the wing and pheasant tail for the body instead of either marabou or a biot.  The shrimp pink dubbing is something I was shown by my buddy Tom Baltz from Pennsylvania, that might just be the secret to the success of this fly.  –  Joe