Big Sky Anglers Featured Fly – BH Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail

by | May 29, 2019 | 0 comments

  • Originator:  The original PT Nymph is credited to Englishman, Frank Sawyer, and was tied from a single bunch of pheasant tail fibers and copper wire (no thread).  Fly tiers are notorious tinkerers, and over the past 100 or so years, more than a few variations of the original appeared, including the addition of a herl thorax and a soft hackle collar.
  • Hook: 1x heavy, 1x long nymph hook, #10-18 (Daiichi 1560 or equivalent)
  • Bead: Brass bead (gold), size to match hook
  • Thread: Rusty brown 6/0 or 8/0
  • Tail:  Optional.  Pheasant tail fiber tips
  • Thorax: Pheasant tail fibers, wound
  • Rib:  Ultra Wire, Small, Gold, counter-wrapped for durability
  • Abdomen: Peacock herl
  • Soft hackle / Legs: Hungarian partridge

Notes: Fly tiers love to accessorize, either out of necessity, or for the simple enjoyment of experimentation.  And soft hackles make every nymph better from time to time.  The BH Softhackle PT fishes from early spring through the fall here in Yellowstone Country, with simple size adjustments required depending on the conditions and prevalent insect hatches.  As a general attractor these are great when swung through the riffles of the Firehole and Gallatin.  They can also imitate emerging mayfly nymphs and caddis pupae.  Softhackles are great fished on the dead drift, too.  In the fall, when the lake run fish enter the Madison in the Park  this is a go-to fly to swing in the larger sizes.