Big River

by | Jun 11, 2010 | 0 comments


Madison @ Kirby Ranch: 3530 cfs….. blown out completely….more to come.

Missouri below Holter: 15,000 cfs….huge, but clear.

The Missouri has cleared and maybe now it has stabilized at 15,000 cfs….maybe. Doubt it.  It has rained periodically since I got back home to West Yellowstone last night. Huge storms which blacken the sky and drop rain drops bigger than quarters.

 Ate dinner at the Grizzly Bar in the Madison Valley with Molly last evening and the food was superb!  I recommend hitting it up this summer. Nick and Katrina are back and running the show.  Stop in and see them.   I was shocked while driving through the Madison Valley to see all the #$%&*ing snow.  Unreal.  At this rate, the Madison River will be unfishable for the better part of the month…..so it goes.  Clear by the 4th and fishing Salmonflies is my dream…………I don’t think I am alone.  Will it happen?  Should you come out and find out?  Yes.  Or wait for the crowds to leave and fish caddis……

My buddy Zac White is fishing the Missouri this weekend.  Zac is a “retired” fishing guide who still manages to make a living in SLC.  We met and guided together at MRO in West Yell 12 years ago.  He should give me a report on Saturday.   The Missouri River is extra large right now, but clear is the word.  Trout still eat in big flows and when you find them, don’t leave.  There are more. Worms are working, so are scuds and caddis pupa.  Long-ass leaders are the key to sucess, so is waiting on your backcast. Sing a song, count to 4, think about an old girlfriend……it all takes about the same amount of time.  If you don’t, your guide will eat through 80 feet of tippet for the fourth day in a row.  And probably drink a few extra cocktails at Joe’s…..late night.


big flows make for big trout