Big Bugs. They ate them today…

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Rick Welle - Always hooked up. Always.

……… for about 2.5 hours.  I was off and floated with a few friends.  Rare day off in July during the Salmonfly hatch.  Might as well take advantage of the beautiful day and fish.  The coming weeks are booked up, but if you are still wanting to fish with Big Sky Anglers we have some guides with days off here and there.  Just call, we’ll do our best.


This one ate a Chubby Chernoble

 We launched the boats at 1:30 this afternoon at the Ramp formally known as Windy.  Right out of the gate, I stuck a big brown which was hunkered down under some willows eating whatever floated his way.  He was sly about his rise and sipped the Golden Stone in the shade of the willow.  There are a ton of folks down on the Madison right now.  Be courteous to all.  Wade fisherman or floaters.  Don’t bounce anchors down the river for 300 hundred yards.  Or better yet do and find out what happens when your hook grabs a rock and sinks the boat.  That’ll learn ya. 

A Golden Chubby Chernoble from my vice.

We primarily fished the banks and the large boulders near the banks.  I did fish the middle from time to time, but not much at it out there.  The head of the hatch seems to be just below Palisades.  Around Windy there are big females in the air with egg sacks.  Below Palisades there are tons of bugs in the willows doing the deed.  We also saw lots of caddis, yellow sallies and a few PMDs today.  Dropping a caddis off your Big Bug is always recommended.  However, I enjoy fishing one fly during the Salmonfly hatch. 

ER with a another.