Back up and running….

by | Jul 21, 2012 | 0 comments

Things around the fishing report and web site have been on the fritz for about 10 days or so.  FYI – everything here is safe and there are no more problems.  Sorry for any inconvenience and we appreciate all the emails and texts letting us know that things were a bit off.  You see, I have been on the road fishing the Missouri with clients and all of this hit right before that road trip began.  It took a couple of days to iron it out, but then we get hit again…….@#$@*$ing  @$$holes.

As for the fishing on the Missouri……well…it was really good. You should’ve been there.

When I arrived the river have been sweltering hot with 1o0 degree days.  As luck would have it, the clouds rolled in each day delivering a dose of moisture up and down the entire drainage.  This made of great fishing all day long with both dry flies and nymphs.  While the caddis and pmd hatches were kinda weak, there was ample food around to keep trout looking up.   One our last day we saw the forecast for near 100 degree day so we slid the boat in the river at 530 am.  Sunrise….the coolest water temps of the day.  Go early, get off off early…..beat the heat….it is so worth it.  The trout will thank you too.

These boys show up to fish and get it done.  They come for five days and put in the hours.  After their day on the water with Big Sky Anglers, they head back out to try their hands at the evening dry fly game.  There is no substitution for time on the water.

To –  Jin, Mike, Tom, Jack, Ben, Drew and Bob – thanks for coming back out for the 8th year running, see ya in 2013.