Back for winter

by | Dec 5, 2008 | 0 comments

It has been while since my last post on the fishing report.  There were three trips to the Missouri, bird hunting, elk hunting and a 2 week trip to Southern Oregon and Northern California since September 23rd.  Not to mention a pile of days spent fishing the Madison in the Park and in the Valley. 

We have snow in the mountains, but not much around town.  Pray for snow, our rivers and lakes are in much need of it.   Molly and I have cut and stacked 5 cords of wood to burn in the stove and are settling in for the winter on Horse Butte.  About 4 weeks ago, 5 wolves (four greys and a black) walked right down the road in front of our house and the neighbors……not sure what to think about that, but Huck is definitely staying hooked up to the anchor instead of roaming the hood. 

Yellowstone National Park is open for the winter and the West Gate will let snowmobiles and snowcoaches in starting December 15, 2008. Once again I will be driving a Bombardier for Yellowstone Alpen Guides, which has turned out to be some of the most enjoyable guiding I have ever done. 

Throughout the winter I will post up to date fishing reports and other items of great importance.  We are currently working on the website and plan to add photos, short stories and e-commerce.

 Stay tuned