Away from it all

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Out of the way.

Hiking is not something I am very found of, unless of course I am hunting or fishing.   Walking for the sake of walking just doesn’t make much sense….if this conversation was going on between my wife and I, she would just roll her eyes and change the subject.  But, she loves to hike and will do another 20 miler tomorrow up to Mount Holmes and back……… now that’s crazy.   There are many wonderful hikes into the backcountry all over Yellowstone National Park which have superb angling, but hiking around the NE Corner of Yellowstone will do much for the soul and make one realize that they need to walk a bit more…..with gun, bow, rifle or rod in hand…..here, there or where ever you may live.  Get outside.  Go outdoors.  See the world.

Watch out for these!

 Grizzly bears are abundant throughout Yellowstone and Montana.  A good friend of mine sprayed a griz way up Slough Creek a couple of summers ago.  That bear got about 5 paces away and then Steve let him have it.  Pepper Spray works – carry it.  Leave the weapons at home.  Even though it is legal to carry a weapon in YNP, there is still a law which says you can’t discharge it.  So why even bring it? 

One of the many bends in the river.


I would like to thank Rusty and John for a great couple day spent fishing the NE Corner of Yellowstone.  They had the right attitude, willingness to walk and it paid off.  Thanks for making my job easy.  Hope to see you guys again. 

One way to get there.