Australian Fly-Fishing with Mickey From Aussie Fly-Fisher

by | Jul 13, 2018 | 0 comments

8pm, Wednesday, July 18.

Join us in our new basement Travel Lounge at the fly shop for an evening of fun with Aussie legend Mickey Shanahan.

When he isn’t here at BSA in the summer MCing our Grand Opening events, Mickey guides for the Aussie Fly-Fisher down under.  He will be talking with an accent and presenting photos and video of:

  • Trout fishing the Snowy Mountains of Australia
  • Fishing New Zealand for trout as well as kingfish (aka Yellowtail) in the salt, and
  • Murray Cod – Aussie native freshwater fish and the one Mickey calls “The Coolest species in the world… Think large-mouth bass/muskie/an angry steroid abusing MMA fighter”