August Angling

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Madison River 

Below Hebgen:  1050 cfs 

@ Kirby: 1160 cfs 

Missouri River 

Below Holter: 4100 cfs 

Love the new school anglers, pink is in with this crowd.

Still very busy for us here at Big Sky Anglers.  The river is fishing well in the am, but the afternoons are spotty.  Totally dependent on how much cloud cover we have.  There are spruce moths around on the various rivers here in SW Montana.  You will find fish rising to these with reckless abandon.  Big Fish.  Brown Trout of the 16 plus inch class.  We have more water in the Madison now and with the afternoon thunder showers, the river will stay cooler and fish should keep eating.  

Note to the guides and oarsmen who probably never read this…………. 

Walking the boat is cool…..sometimes….well, not so much.  The Madison is a floaters paradise.  It is not the Box Canyon.  Unless your name is Rick or Pope, then then I don’t have a ton of respect for walking the boat.  One should not give dirty looks when walking the boat, especially if you are on one of those banks with Spruce Moths.  We all want to fish those banks, so if you are walking your craft, then you must realize that the rest of us are going to slide right in downstream of you and keep rowing our boat.  Don’t get pissed, you should row your boat too.  Oh ya, you might also watch out where and when you decide to drop the hook.  It seems that some of you don’t know that there are other boats behind and feel that by dropping your anchor and dragging it,  that this bank is now yours to fish.  Whatever.  Oh ya, look over your shoulder before you pull the hook up.  Wait for others to pass and don’t pull right out on another boat.  We all want to catch fish on dry flies.  Sorry for the rant, but some people have no clue what they are doing when it comes to the float stretch of the Madison River.