Argentina Fishing Report – Estancia Tecka

by | Feb 20, 2020 | 0 comments

I have spent close to two decades fishing the waters that surround Estancia Tecka, but never experienced Tecka myself until this year.  Estancia Tecka is a massive 400,000+ acre ranch located between Esquel and Rio Pico in the Chubut Province of Argentina. Over the years I had heard so many intriguing things about the hundreds of miles of spring creeks, the 30+ miles of the Corcovado River above the waterfalls, the many lakes and lagunas, the giant hoppers that appear during summer months that cause fish to feed violently, the 20 + inch brown trout that live in small waters and come out from under cut banks, the trophy brook and rainbow trout that move into the Corcovado River from Vintter Lake, and so much more.  Joe Moore hosted a group there a couple of years ago, and he recommended it as a must-do stop for my trip this year.  So, I found myself at Tecka for the first time just over a week ago with a great group of guys from back home – Dan V. from North Dakota, and Steve D. and Steve R. from Oregon.
We explored different water almost everyday. We fished several different spring creeks, lakes, lagunas, and sections of the Corcovado River. We caught brown, rainbow, and brook trout. During the week we just barely scratched the surface of fishable water. Dries, nymphs, and streamers all worked well, but dry flies were definitely the most productive. Foam beetles in sizes 8-12, small (12-16) purple, royal and peacock Chubbys, and especially JoJo’s Royal Ant in size 12-14, all took plenty of fish for us.
Why go to Tecka? Estancia Tecka is a wonderful place to experience for a wife variety of trout fishing with one base lodge.  What makes Estancia Tecka unique is the vastness of the ranch, the lack of other anglers, and the consequent lack of fishing pressure. Wade fishing prospects on the estancia are endless.  All of the smaller rivers and spring creeks provide plenty of action for 14-16 inch fish with chance of catching 22 inch or bigger fish.  Trophy brook trout fishing is best in the fall-March/April, as brookies from Lago Vintter move into the Upper Corcovado River. During November/December one can target 25+ inch rainbow trout  from Lago Vintter in the Corcovado.
One thing is for sure:  I’ll be back!  As far as destinations within Patagonia go, Tecka is top notch!
Gracias a todos en Estancia Tecka , especialmente a Pedro Ochoa, Federico Conesa, y Jorge Gonzalez, por mostrarnos tu magnífico lugar! Until next time!