april first

by | Mar 20, 2013 | 0 comments

MLB starts very soon.  I don’t watch too much of the early season ball games, but, growing up near St. Louis and following the Cards since birth – I pay attention.

Back in the olde days, in the year 2000 BM (before marriage), I spent several summers at Howard Creek Ranch.  Some refer to this place as The Ranch – a home for wayward fishing guides & shop rats.   Not many girls walked through the doors of the big red double wide, but hey, we didn’t care cause we had Centennial Field.  There were no corporate sponsorships, a variety of performance enhancing drugs (Cope, Levi Garret, Lone Stars, whiskey – you get the idea) and hitting a HR over the cattle fence was pretty hard to accomplish with the ever present south west wind.

Baseball is timeless.  St. Louis will win the World Series this year, you heard it here first.