Angling grub and grizzly bears

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The best food in town.

Over the past 12 years,  good food has come and gone around West Yellowstone.   West Yellowstone is known for great angling, not good food. Sure Sydney’s Bistro is good, but a fishing guide can’t afford to eat there everyday.  Wild West Pizza and Beartooth BBQ are damn good, but I can’t eat pizza or bbq much anymore.  Basically, after all these years, most of us are tired of the same old thing……..then along came the Roach Coach.  In early Spring, the bus above showed up in town and lots of folks were wondering about it, questioning it’s cleanliness and then it opened up.  Having eaten at several mexi-buses over the years, I knew that this was gonna be good.  It is damn good.  I eat at the bus probably 5 times a week….mostly carne asado tacos after guiding all day and needing something quick and cheap.  Tacos are $1.50 each.  Las Palmitas, as its called, is open 6 days a week, closed on Sundays, and is open from 11am to about 10 pm.  Go there……

Split it! Stack it! Burn it!

So over the past few weeks I haven’t been on the river that much.  I spent last week guiding the Madison and it was fishing pretty good in the float stretch.  There were a couple of days in the NE Corner as well.  I went to a Region 3 Citizens Advisory Council Meeting on electroshocking this past week…..more on that later.  Archery hunting for elk and cutting wood has taken up the bulk of my time.  My wife is a huge help in the wood department.  It takes about 5 cords to heat our little house from October to June.  Some years we have a cord left over, some years we burn it all. 

On cloudy days and sometimes not, there are good numbers of  BWO’s on the Madison in Montana.  Fishing subsurface with small nymphs or in the slicks with a Parachute Adams will show you a good time.  The warm weather this week might just prove to be the last of the good hopper fishing.  74 degrees is forecasted for this weekend…….to damn hot for September.  There are more and more lake runners showing up in the Madison in YNP.  With all the warm weather it really doens’t feel like Fall, but it is and while these fish aren’t in there in huge numbers, there are browns and rainbows lurking around the Madison River.  Watch out for bears.  They seem to have come out of the high country and have been spotted at the Barnes Holes, Beaver Meadows and Bakers Hole.  A griz sow and cub were walking through the Barnes Holes just a few days ago.  Two hunters in the Madison Valley were mauled in the past 10 days.  I have seen more bear sign in the woods this year than any other year.  A friend of mine had a Griz at 65 yards yesterday while hunting elk and  he wasn’t too far from West Yellowstone. 

These live here....I swear.