Hopper water.......

 Our weather has warmed back up and so has the hopper bite.  These little critters are clicking on most afternoons and trout are pouncing on them like it’s their last big meal.  Not as may refusals this afternoon, more of the smash and run or my favorite – the confident slide off the bank, full head rise and turn back to the lair kind of eat.   I watched one rainbow run downstream several feet past my drifting fly inorder to get all lined up and happy about it.  Yes, that rainbow ate my fly.  I love the grasshopper and if all goes well, our trout will continue to eat these wonderful morsels all the way through September. 


Last week sometime, after several local guides and outfitters raised hell with PPL, the flows were bumped up.   The river is cruising right along at 1010 cfs at Kirby and 1180 at Varney Bridge.  Most of us would like to see another couple hundred cfs in the river.  Apparently, PPL is going to bump the river once more to prep for Fall and Winter flows. 

 Lance Elias, Sr. Resource Coordinator with PPL, has this to say about Hebgen Lake levels –  

“There is no indication of what the snow fall will be this coming winter so I prefer to keep some reserve in Hebgen Lake.”

Shit. Really?  Honestly, PPL always fills the lake by the 4th of July.  Even when there isn’t enough snowpack in the mountains and after they have released too much water during the spring.   You see, they think it’s cool to run the river really high durng the spring when the rainbows are spawning and then if there isn’t enough water left in the high country, they trim the river back to fill the lake leaving the trout to suffer.   This is what happend in the spring of 2007 when we lost an entire year of rainbows.   Then a huge snowfall happens (this winter) and they horde the water like squirrels.  Is this proper Flow Management?  Not in my opinoin.  I would bet there is a math student at MSU who could look at all the stats from the past 72 years and figure out a better plan….just a thought….sorry for the late season rant…..

The Point Fire burns in Eastern YNP.