A winter day on the water

by | Jan 18, 2011 | 0 comments


Arriving back at Alpen Guides yesterday evening from a wonderful day in Yellowstone with the crew from Headhunters Fly Shop, I found out that I had today off.  Unexpectly, there was a day to go fishing.  The weatherman had forecasted warmer weather with snow and some wind.  On Horse Butte, the wind was ripping but it wasn’t cold out.  35 degrees on the front porch.  Since one can’t catch a trout while sitting on the couch, I wadered up, rigged my rod and drove down to the Madison River.  It was dead calm……………..and 36 degrees.  Perfect.  Absolutely, perfect weather for winter angling.  You should have been there.  The snow began to fall and the quiet was great for the soul.  Just the sound of water rushing over rocks was all I heard for about two hours.   Fishing a bobber with a rubber leg and a red midge larve, I managed to hook over a dozen trout.  Most were smaller rainbows around 8 inches, but I did fool one 16 in rainbow and one 12 in brown.  Both of the larger fish ate the rubber leg. 

This brown trout was sitting in fast, shallow water.