Black Star......$11 a 12 pack.

Beer, almost any beer, is good. Warm beer sucks, but of course it is Winter in Montana and the chances of finding a warm beer, say behind the seat or in the garage, is next to impossible.  This is the time of the year in which one can keep a beer in the pack and drink it later in the day while fishing………and it’s still cold.  Drinking in moderation is always something to keep in mind, but even then, I forget about it once in awhile.  The next day I always seem to remember why it sucks.  Back when open containers were still legal in Montana, two clients of mine made it their job to crush a Cuber of  Bud Lt. on the way back from fishing the Missouri River.  They never drank on the river, because they were catching fish, but afterwards it was game on.  They were quite upset when Montana changed that law and almost quit coming out to fish with me.  If it weren’t for the large trout on the Missouri, I might have lost them. 

Springtime on the Missouri....5 months away.

Black Star is brewed in the Flathead Valleyof Montana and also in Milwaukee,WI.  15 years ago I had my first taste of this lager while living in Wolf Creek as a shop rat for Montana River Outfitters.  It was cheap and good.   For awhile, Black Star was hard to find, but then it showed up in cans for $11/12pk  this summer and I have been sipping these ever since.  Black Star comes in glass bottles but honestly they don’t taste as good and West Yellowstone doesn’t recycle glass, so cans are the better option.