Hand-made Belt Buckles. Crafted in Montana


We have a friend in Big Sky who is a metalsmith, it is her trade and this is one way she pays the bills.  I find the origin of the word “smith” facinating.  It basically boils down to mean someone who has a specialized trade working with metal, using a forge.  Dating back to Germanic cultures of the 16th Century, Smiths made tools for farming and warfare and were held in high regards in early social structures.  Tools were simple in those times, but without the means to make them your society was not as advanced as others.  Shields, swords, armor, the plow, the wheel, pulleys, horseshoes, mugs for beer, knives, ….you get the idea….tools of the trades.

Nowadays metalsmiths make highend jewelry, knifes and even fly reels.  Yes, those super pricey reels are machined out of a solid piece of aluminum using CNC Machining.  CNC – computer numerical control, is the most advanced practice of metalsmithing.   Personally, I like hand made items and when Ariane asked me about belt buckles, I jumped on the idea.  Ariane Ogburn Coleman is a pro and makes some of the finest hand crafted jewelry in Montana.   It has taken some time, but my custom made BSA Trout Belt Buckle has been completed.  The fish on the buckle above is the exact trout from my logo which was originally designed by Kielly Yates.   If you look closely, you can see the mountain range inside the trout – Sphinx Mountain to be exact.   This buckle is crafted in Montana from beginning to end.

You want one………………………………?    Contact me: joe@bigskyanglers.com