A little clouds and rain…….

by | Oct 4, 2010 | 0 comments

Fall colors

……….makes the trout fishing insane.  For almost three weeks we have had sunshine and warm weather.   Today’s forecast was for rain, wind and clouds and finally, we got it.  Don’t get me wrong, the extended summer like weather was awesome, but it didn’t make for that great of fishing. 

Hebgen Lake Brown Trout.....a runner for sure.

 I woke before sunrise today and met ER in town for an early morning fish on the Madison in YNP.  We fished streamers and stuck some nice ones.  Once the sun disappeared, the trout really got on the bite and hammered our streamers.  We fished a white marabou conehead with a red body – a very thin profiled fly – with great success.   These fish seemed to be fresh from the lake and hungry.  While most ran like hell, several of these brown trout spent much of the time in the air. 

I said 24, ER called it 23.....

 We started at the Confluence and work our way back toward toward the West Gate.  Slow stripping was the ticket, but on occation these fish would smack a hard fast strip.  The brown above preferred the slow swing strip.  We tried black, olive, brown and yellow, but nothing worked as well as white.  I wonder if these Hebgen Lake dwellers eat small bait fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner……

hook, line and sinker.