A fine winter day in Yellowstone

by | Dec 21, 2010 | 0 comments

Lion Geyser blows off some steam.

What a beautiful winter day it was in Yellowstone National Park.  Winter, by far, is my favorite time of the year in Yellowstone and today’s blue sky, 20 degree weather and fresh snow made it even more of a joy.  The only thing that would top out my day, is fishing the Firehole.  Since that is illegal, I guess watching trout rise will drive me crazy do.  Someday, I want to sneak in the tip end of a flyrod and catch one of these risers…….but then again I really do like driving a Vintage Bombardier and don’t feel like lossing my job.   I bet the Board of Outfitters would have something to say as well.  Laws…….I once heard they were meant to be broken…or was it bent?  

A cow elk pauses for a photo along the Madison.