Dad, fishing dries on Grayling Creek.

As we quickly cruise through the month of August, the Madison  has continued to fish really well up and down the entire river.  Although I haven’t been below Story Ditch in a while, I have heard decent reports of quality hopper fishing through Cameron Flats.  The crowds are gone, we still have a few mayflies and the ant fishing has been almost unreal at times. Spruce Moths are around in certain sections and there are caddis as well.  While you won’t catch fish all day long, ramp to ramp, you will encounter sections where the trout congrigated.  Take advantage of this while in the boat – make good casts, drift your flies and let the fish eat it……PLEASE let the fish eat it. 


Stripping streamers on the South Fork……

Yesterday, my Dad fished Reynold’s Pass for just a few hours and rose a bunch of good fish on a #12 Trude Ant.  The Trude Ant works and is very simple to tie.  This fly will work almost everywhere there are ants.  It floats like a cork, is visible as white on black and won’t fall apart.  What more can you ask out of a fly?

September is going to be great.  We have water, the river never got too warm during August and BWOs have already begun to hatch on cloudy days.  There are tons of hoppers in the banks and ther seems to be a bunch of extra large ants hills along the river. If you are thinking about coming out, make the decision and get your plane tickets. Give us a call and we’ll set up a date.


She said YES!