A day with the Folks

by | Aug 31, 2011 | 0 comments

This one ate a hopper. Nice one Susie!


Yesterday, I finally had a chance to get my parents in the boat for a float down the Madison.  My Mother actually rose quite a few fish throughout the day, but not as many as I would have liked to seen.  We had a fantastic time. 

The Madison is a bit a tough right now as the warm water and low flows aren’t helping out the fishery at all.  The float stretch is suffering the worst as the wade stretch continues to fish well.  PPL is hoarding water at Hebgen…..jackasses they are…….I have begun to make a lot of noise with FWP, as have many others.  It’s like PPL (Hebgen Dam operators) is thinking that there will be no more water to come in – ever.  Don’t they realize we are just a few weeks away from seeing snow in the high country?  I am begining to wonder who really is incharge of managing the Madison River as a fishery – Fish, Wildlife & Parks or PPL?  Apparently PPL has more say that FWP…………although, one person at FWP, Travis Horton, is making some headway….slowly….but atleast he cares.