Mickey W. with a Winter Rainbow.

Tomorrow, I head off for a week long trip guiding in Yellowstone National Park. This might have been my last day of angling, for awhile anyway. I guess it is time to get back on that tractor and make some hay. The warmer weather has turned the Madison into a red hot fishery and the forecast should provide some good fishing for a few more days.  One will find slick risers in the upper stretches of the Madison eating midges and if you enjoy the nymph, well, the trout are eating those as well.  #8 Rubber Legs, #16 Shop Vac, #18 Zebras and if you must fish an egg, please fish it without a barb……….. 


The LW Midge…#20 ofcourse. Yes, they will eat it for a baetis too.

Mickey and I fished nymphs all day, as the wind was kicking downstream bringing in some much needed snow .  We got a late start, but made it to Reynold’s by 1:30.  There where three rigs, crowded for winter standards, so we headed further on down the river to find solitude….peace and quiet are a must this time of year. When the wind subsides, there are fish up all over the river.  Small midges work best and the pattern above has become one of my go to flies on tricky trout.


Is that trout smoking a stonefly?

BSA just had a failure in the video department.  The camera shit the bed, but with any luck, we will have more fly tying videos in a week or two. Coming next: The LW midge, rubber leg stonefly, shop vac, Fall’s Beatis, PMD Crip’nal  and many more.