With the flows out of Hebgen Dam at 688cfs, there is bound to be some good fishing on the Madison, if it ever warms up. The gage at Kirby Ranch is registering “ICE” on the USGS Streamflow web site.  I have yet to go down to the river since our average temps have been hovering around 0 degrees, with last nights low at 20 below…….brrrrrrrrr.  It is 5 degrees as I write this report waiting for the NFL games to start, at least it is snowing.  I have had the itch to fish, yearning to cast dry flies at midge eating Madison River trout, but breaking the ice out of the guides before every cast doesn’t appeal to me. 

Over the next 10 days I will be guiding in Yellowstone, driving the Bombardier almost everyday.  I do have a fly fishing trip next week on the Gallatin River and will report on that.  I pray for 30 degrees…The skiing has been pretty darn good this past week.  Finally we are getting some much needed snow, but the bitter cold weather has dried out the snow making a solid base in the mountains tough to come by.  There are lots of rocks and the deadfall has tripped me up more than once.  There is another storm backed up to this one and another week of this might help hide the rocks and trees……we’ll see.Stay tuned for more reports and winter photos of Yellowstone National Park.  If you have not seen Yellowstone in the winter, then you are truly missing out on one of nature’s amazing places.