9050 and dropping…thick caddis and stupid trout

by | Jul 2, 2009 | 0 comments

 p1010024.JPG  Is there a finer river?

I have been on the Missouri for the past two days and have three more to go.  Both today and yesterday were lights out nymphing and today the fish seemed more willing to take a dry.  At the boat ramp this morning the river was running a solid 10500 cfs, by the time we hit the Toilet Bowl there was a visible line on the bank and the water had not been dried out by the wind.  After about 25 fish at the Toilet Bowl we headed on down stream, god only knows how many fish we hooked today.  At 8:15 this evening I saw the first real legit pod of trout, they were eating whatever was drifted in front of them…..all 30 of them.   There is another drop in flows expected to hit sometime in the next day or so and once this river gets going, every fish will be eating flies floated in the film.