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Madison below Hebgen  900 cfs

Madison @ Kirby  1320 cfs

Missouri below Holter  16000 cfs

Evening light on the Big Belts

 Yesterday was wonderful.  One of those days which you stock in your brain and bring out sometime in January to relish.   Prewett to Cascade.  One of my favorite floats on the Missouri and something that I should do more often.  You should go down there too.  Come along and we’ll show you the way.  Last night was the first night I saw good, serious trout rising.  Not one or two here or there in a back eddy, but honest to god risers in somewhat shallow water.   You can’t make a day out of it yet, but soon enough these rivers will fall and the trout will begin to feed on dry flies.  It’s coming, I promise.

Nice one Hardy.

 Greg and Greg floated with Kielly and I yesterday.  As you can see, these water is still way up over the banks.  At one point, we stopped to listen to the hundreds of ducks back in some flooded timber.  It sounded as if Mom & Dad where out of town and the kids were throwing a kegger

I got a YETI.

This afternoon, my lovely wife and I floated the Madison.  The river is really coming into shape.  It is not crystal clear just yet, but soon enough. We fished dry flies and rose quite a few fish on X-Caddis, Parachute Adams and one fish ate a big Golden Stone fly.  The Salmonfly Hatch is around Storey Ditch……so is the boat hatch.  Today was a rather cool day.  It started out at 45 degrees this morning and rose up to 65 or so.  When the clouds covered the sun, you needed a layer.  They are calling for 38 degrees tonight…….brrrrrr.  I hope it doesn’t get much colder.  Stoneflies hate that.

This one ate a #14 Tan X-Caddis.

Floating the river is absolutely gorgous this time of year.  Everything is bright green, there is snow up the high country and the entire season is infront of us.  So much to look forward to.  Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I will be guiding the Madison somewhere in the float stretch.  Enjoy yourself where ever you may be.  Live it up, you only get one shot.