Joe Moore is a terrific river guide. An easy-going professional who’s a pleasure to fish with, Joe’s an accomplished teacher, a skilled boatman, and a knowledgeable fisherman.

Joe’s instructions are clear and concise. He knows when to demonstrate, how to gently correct, when to encourage, and most importantly, when to simply let you fish without comment or pressure.

He’s a master of the drift boat, maneuvering it smoothly and safely down the rocky, riffly, Madison. When needed, he actually wades behind the boat, guiding it by hand to give you two or three casts at that perfect pocket of water.

Joe has an uncanny knack for finding fish–and telling you how to catch them! His advice to, “Toss it about six feet in front of that rock, right where the water changes color,” seemingly always produces a strike.

Inevitably, Joe chooses the fly and technique that catches fish–probably because he’s always turning over rocks to see what’s crawling around or about to hatch. And, always the teacher, he’ll show you what he’s found, explain what it is, and what fly imitates it.

In summary, Joe’s the best. I won’t fish the Madison or Missouri unless Joe Moore’s guiding.

E.G. Kindley
Seattle, WA.