She’s open! And she’s Hot……

by | May 16, 2010 | 0 comments

Snow covered Madison Range

The Madison River opened up yesterday and the fishing was off the hook. These trout haven’t seen an angler since late Feb and most of these fish haven’t been hooked since late November of 2009.  Normally, I will fish Reynolds or $3 on opening day, but it was too busy for me.  Instead, we put a boat in at Lyons and floated down to Ruby Creek.  The flows on the Madison are low and while I would have rather taken out at Windy or Palisades, we floated on by since both of those ramps are closed for construction. 

Yes, both ramps are closed.

A new ramp for Pal...what was wrong with the old one?

 BLM promised us that they wouldn’t close both ramps at the same time during the season………who knows when Windy will open back up, but Palisades should be done by the middle of June……well, maybe.

 There is still some ice on Hebgen & Quake lake and Beaver Creek was green yesterday.  Once the mud starts flowing, it will still take a few days to muddy Quake Lake.  The river below Quake will get blown out at some point, but for now it is crystal clear and fishing great. The West Fork was clear, but should start throwing mud soon. 

Now is the time to come out and fish the Madison. Once the weekend ends, the traffic will slow down and the river will feel normal.  The trout are hungry and a bit on the dumb side. The next 10 days on the Madison will be hot. Red Hot. Dry flies, streamers, nymphing…whatever your little heart desires.  There are BWO in good numbers up high.  Caddis and March Browns are making an appearance on down towards Ennis.

B Worley floats one down the Madison.

I turn 34 today…….another birthday in Montana.  This makes 15 years, scary how fast the time flies.   I think I will go and catch a trout…….do you want to join me?  Remember, this is the season that you are going to fish more often.  Time on a river equal less stress and quality output behind the desk.  Your boss wants you to spend more time on the river, he/she just doesn’t know that yet.