The Machine.

5 days till we walk.  It won’t be a long one ’cause it’s gonna be hot.  Up at 4, drive over to Wherethehell Valley and hunt till 9ish….praying for clouds.   This year, we won’t be alone.  Stella will be along  for her first day afield.  I may not carry a gun, just to handle the new pup.  Huck will lock them down, Stella will be walked in and Dad will shoot straight……….or alteast he better.   I missed this first bird which Huck pointed 9 seasons ago, luckily B cracked it and solidified the deal.  Drew missed the first bird Otto pointed (twice) 3 seasons ago, but I came through on that one.  The season will be here quick enough, but it’s never long enough. 

Stella. 10 Months.