$3 Bridge

The Madison Valley continues to fish this winter, maybe one of the better angling winters in recent years. With only 25 more days of fishing above McAtee Bridge, you better get down there.  I arrived to the river around 12:30 yesterday afternoon and strolled on down to $3. I counted 8 anglers at Reynold’s Pass……doesn’t anyone have to work these days????  A #8 Rubber-leg, #16 $3 Dip, Shop Vac and various midge patterns worked just fine to fool several nice trout.

Our snowpack is weak this winter, making it easy to navigate the river bottom.  I would rather have it the other way around, but there is still time to recieve more snow……..we won’t talk rain just yet.


Fetch it up!


Loop-Wing Midge….eaten-up, but still fishy.