Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Starting on the 15th of December, I have spent damn near every day in Yellowstone National Park driving the vintage B12 Bombardier.  Winter in the park is marvelous and ranks right up there with hooking rising fish on the fly. Winter in YNP should make your bucket list at least twice. 


“Kitty” a B12 Bomb……the hot rod of YNP.

Honestly, we have been light on the snow thus far.  Some snow here and there during the last couple of weeks, but not much accumulation.  Too cold, too dry. We got 10 inches on New Year’s Eve and a skiff here and there, but not much around the house.  Yesterday was a blizzard, with dumping snow and ripping wind all day and most of the night.  Thankfully a kind nieghbor plowed us out after a long day shopping in Bozeman.  Finally, some consistent snow with a little moisture.   The Madison Range is sitting at 81% of snowpack for now.  Gallatin Range – 91%.  Jefferson Range – 86%…..not bad for early January.  We are much lower locally here in West Yellowstone….56%.  With any luck we will continue to recieve snow on a weekly basis filling in our local mountain ranges around the Hebgen Basin.  Tonight is cold……20 below and dropping like quail in AZ – damn you Drew.  How dare you send me photos of a double, shot over Otto’s point! 


Lower end of the Gallatin Mnts.

Stay tuned for more fly tying videos, fishing reports, and YNP updates.  Happy New Year and get outside…..see the world.