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Biggee in the rain....hooked up.

The rain continues to fall around southwest Montana, and as we all know, water flows downstream.  The Missouri catches everything and is on the rise once again.  The rumor mill is twisting up the flow predictions for the days to come, but 20,000 cfs is not far away.  Today was great nymphing.  We started out a little slow, ramped it up mid to late morning and continued to catch trout throughout the afternoon.  Most of the slow inside seams held a shit load of trout.   The canyon water is huge and the fish aren’t everywhere.  We fished the holes and ran to the next.  Row arounds were were key when we found fish, but getting’em from the boat was not too hard.  Late in the day, the pulse of water caught us and the fishing wasn’t as consistent.  Various worms, caddis pupa, sowbugs, firebead flies and pmd nymphs all produced.  10 feet or so to a 3/0 split shot, a wire worm and a second fly was our rig.  Oh ya, 6 lb maxima to both flies.  I can’t remember the last time I fish 6 lb maxima on the Missouri. 


Jay with a chunky brown...which fell to the worm