16 days

by | Apr 2, 2011 | 0 comments

Hmmmm...will they eat these?

We arrived home last night after a great week in Cody, Wyoming.  While I would love to tell you stories filled with huge trout caught on dry flies and streamers, I cannot.   At the bowling alley cracking beers with the locals, I was brough up to speed on exactly how fabulous the trout fishing was and had been for most of the spring on the Shoshone and Wedding of the Waters – Big Horn/Wind River.   My brain is about to explode from the inability to walk, let alone fish.  There are 16 days left until the Docs in Bozeman let me walk again without these damn crutches.  The knee rehab is coming along quite well, and things feel great.  For now, I tie flies.  So be it. 

We have lost a considerable amount of snow pack the past few days with daytime temps in the 50s and overnight temps in the 40s……and the 30 mph winds.   The bottom has fallen out of the snow in driveways around West Yellowstone.  My neighbors came over and pitched in to get the 18 inches of shit snow out of the way.  A neighbor down the street lost his 4WD  trying to get in to his house through a small lake and quarter mile of  deep slush.  Rain is forecasted for tonight, so more of this will melt.  Soggy is a good word for it. 

The driftboat appears...