Cool mornings, warm afternoons

by | Jul 29, 2011 | 0 comments

John S. enjoying his day....to the fullest.

For those angling on the Madison the past few days, in the float stretch, it doesn’t get any more beautiful.   The wind has finally laid down (don’t worry, it will blow again….probably tomorrow) as this seems like the windiest season to date.   The wind always blows in Montana, it just depends on when and how hard.  Mornings in the Madison Valley have been cold and the past two mornings there has been frost on the drift boat…….brrrrrr…..I actually have been wearing my Patagonia Down Sweater each morning till about 9 am or so.   This cool morning weather has not been that great for dry fly angling, but once things warm up there are a few trout looking up.  Perfect drifts and exact fly placement will bring trout to your fly, whether they decide to eat or not is up to them…and you…… let them eat it!   The sneaky trout rise forms have arrived as well.  Sly, smart and sneaky are trademarks of Madison River browns and rainbows post Salmonfly hatch.  When will they eat the dry fly like they did from July 8th -19th you ask?  Who knows…….maybe tomorrow.  The small dry fly bite has yet to really begin during the day time, regular bankers hours.  Stay late on the river and you will be rewarded.  Caddis is the main game, but trout will rise to mayflies as well.  Ants are turning a few heads too.  We hooked a few fish on Goldens today, up and downstream of Windy Point, but did the most damage on a#14 Purple King Prince dropped off the Chubby fished on the shallow gravel bars.  The Yellow Sallies have been hatching in good numbers, but today the hatch was a little thin.  I love a #14 Prince or #14 Driskill Sally fished under a large dry this time of the year after lunch.  Yellow Sally adults do not spend much time on the water when hatching.  They seem to burst from the film and instintly fly away.  While I am not sure how they do this, I do know that trout love a Yellow Sally fished just under the surface when the hatch is in full swing.  August is fast approaching and while upstream of Ruby Creek today, I took a short stroll downstream to check out the hoppers.  They are thick and seem to be moving closer the edges of the river.  Soon, the hopper bite will begin…………………………